No, absolutely not.

A Trintals credit report will not lower anyone's credit score. This is because when a consumer orders their own credit report, it is considered a soft inquiry.

A soft inquiry won't appear on your credit report and won't impact your credit score.

How Credit Inquiries Work

When an inquiry is made at a credit bureau to look at your credit report, that inquiry may get noted as part of your credit history. There are two types of inquiries– a hard inquiry and a soft inquiry.

  • A hard inquiry occurs when a lender with whom you’ve applied for credit reviews your credit report as part of their decision-making process. This type of inquiry appears on your credit report and can influence your credit scores.
  • A soft inquiry occurs in cases where you check your own credit and share it with a verified landlord so they can qualify you as a potential tenant. Soft inquiries do not appear on your credit report and do not impact your credit scores.

Your Privacy Matters

  • Trintals will only share your credit information with the landlord you authorize.
  • Trintals will only allow ID verified landlords to view tenant credit information.
  • A landlord may only view tenant credit information for tenant qualification
  • You may revoke your authorization to share your credit information at any time.
  • Sharing your credit information on Trintals will never impact your credit score.
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