There are many factors that affect the number of listings an owner receives. Even with massive marketing on up to 65 rental sites, leads may not always be guaranteed. A listing that doesn’t have photos or has poor quality photos will not attract leads. A listing without a description or with a poor story will also fail to attract quality tenants. Factors in the market may also affect the number of leads. If the listing is priced too high and there are better listings in the same area for the same or lower price, then the leads will choose the better option. With our Expert plan we can help you solve all of these problems. An expert will review your listing and provided a detailed report and market analysis. As a pro plan member you would just have to pay the difference of $26 to upgrade. 

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If you think your listing is already great, please keep in mind the amount of time it has actually been on the market for leads to see. After you click publish, your listing still has to be verified. Then it is added to our feed list for the syndication partners to pick up and add to their sites. This can take up to 48 hours. 

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